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Salesforce Cloud

Start protecting your most valuable asset, data, today!   Keep your organization safe and compliant.

Real-Time Antivirus | Analytics & Compliance | All Salesforce Clouds
Next-gen antivirus & analytics for files and URLs. Protect your company & community users from malware and meet compliance requirements. Enterprise grade solution designed to complement the Salesforce-provided security features for all Salesforce Clouds.

Meet regulatory & internal GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) requirements. Real-time visibility to all file and URL events across all your Salesforce Clouds enable risk assessment, incident management, breach mitigation, and business continuity.

Following your security strategy, protect your organization against malicious and unwanted files and URLs uploaded to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Government Cloud and Chatter. Advanced analytics ensure an efficient response to threats.

Cloud Protection Solution is created and designed together with Salesforce, seamlessly integrating with their pioneering platforms. Low TCO; installs in minutes and requires no HW or 3rd party SW.

Cloud service providers and their customers share the security responsibility. Salesforce covers system and application level security such as authentication, rules, and user permissions. It is each organization’s responsibility that files and URLs uploaded to Salesforce are free of malware. Cloud Protection provides the missing security layer.
What is included? 
• Malware and ransomware detection capability second to none
• We’re the only company that has won AV Test’s best protection annual award 5 times
• With multi-layer threat intelligence, real-time file analysis and smart cloud sandboxing Cloud Protection is the leading solution for Salesforce content protection
• Ideal for companies seeking to comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and FedRAMP 
• Protects against recent Wannacry and Petya attacks
• A cyber security pioneer with over 100,000 corporate customers & almost 30 years of experience
  provides visibility and real-time protection against any harmful content in all Salesforce Clouds.
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