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If you’re not worried about cyber security, you should be. Cyber crime is a major problem for businesses, causing hundreds of billions of dollars a year in losses.
A lack of focus on cyber security can be greatly damaging to a business. The impact of cyber crime on your business can be devastating.  No business is safe unless the appropriate security systems are in place. Cyber security is something that you simply can not afford to ignore. Almost daily, there are news reports of businesses of all sizes being compromised causing huge amounts of monetary losses and  irreparable reputational damage. 
There are other costs of such attacks to the business to consider, as well. Theft of corporate information, downtime to repair any affected systems, disruption or slowing down of corporate communications or ransom ware hiding in your system, all resulting in financial loss. Firewalls, antivirus packages, encryption tools, etc. are simply not enough to keep your business or your customers safe.